Asus PB287Q Monitor Review.

Asus PB287Q Monitor Review.

Generation 4K. Notebookcheck tries something new and reviews the high-resolution 28-inch display Asus PB287Q. Read our review to find out whether the Ultra HD model is worth its price.

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Displays with more than 22 up to 24-inches are getting more popular thanks to reduced costs and increased numbers of pixels. It was time for us to take a look at 4K as well. During our search for a suitable model for our gaming article (see GTA V , for example), Asus offered us a permanent test unit of the PB287Q. The 28-inch monster weighs eight kilograms and has the dimensions 66.0 x 41.4 x 22.0 cm with the stand. The screen ratio is unsurprisingly 16:9 and the display is available for around 440 Euros (~$489) in online shops.

Asus decided against an IPS panel and in favor of a conventional TN panel to ensure the best gaming experience. The latter technology does have better switching times (1 ms Gray to Gray according to Asus), but TN models can usually not keep up with the viewing-angle stability and color accuracy of an IPS panel. Another important specification is the color depth of 10 bits. The choice of a 28-inch display not only depends on the wallet and the expectations of potential buyers but also the available space. A diagonal screen size of 71.1 cm needs quite a lot of space on the desk.

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The chassis of the PB287Q does not leave an extremely good quality impression. Similar to the majority of companies, Asus mainly uses plastic, which benefits the weight, but it also affects the stability and the material impression. We think that Asus should at least have used a stand that is completely made of metal. The surfaces do not feel very sophisticated, either, and the dark colors quickly attract dirt. We would call the build quality decent. Almost all material transitions are clean. The manufacturer does not make any design experiments, and the general design of the PB287Q is pretty simple.

Rating: Average.

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If you ignore the missing webcam and the missing USB hub, then the connectivity is pretty good. Asus equips the display with two HDMI 1.4 ports (1x MHL support) and a DisplayPort 1.2. Only the HDMI 2.0 standard supports a combination of 3840×2160 pixels and 60 Hz, so you are, unfortunately, limited to the DisplayPort for the 60 Hz/4K output. Attention: Besides the display, the cables and the video source (notebook, PC, etc.) have to support the DisplayPort 1.2 standard as well. But even then you do not have direct access to the 60 Hz/4K combination. In the case of the PB287Q, more than 30 Hz only works if you change the option "DisplayPort Stream" from 1.1 to 1.2 in the menu "System Setup." Depending on the device you also have to adjust the video output. Our two test devices for our article "Gaming in 4K," the Schenker XMG A505 and Schenker W504, only delivered 60 Hz after we manually selected a higher frequency in the Intel driver.

But back to the connectivity of the PB287Q. Besides the video ports, the 28-inch display also has a sound input and a headphone jack. Thanks to the integrated stereo speakers (2x 2 Watts) you can also use the display as a sound system. But the sound quality is, as expected, pretty bad and cannot compete with a dedicated sound system. The PB287Q does, however, sound better than some notebooks. It is possible to secure the display via Kensington lock. The scope of delivery includes a quick-start guide, a warranty card, a power cable as well as an audio cable. The package is rounded off with an HDMI and DisplayPort cable. Note: If you can only drive the display via HDMI, but do not want to waive 60 Hz, you will probably be happy with the "Nvidia trick" (Chroma Subsampling, see here).

Rating: Good.


The biggest advantage of the PB287Q is the excellent ergonomics. Contrary to many rivals, the 28-inch display not only can be turned or tilted, but the height can be adjusted as well. The latter function makes it really easy to create the perfect working environment. If you need a lot of vertical space you can also use the PB287Q in portrait mode (Pivot). A wall mount according to the VESA standard 100 x 100 (not provided) is possible as well. It cannot get much better.

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