Ask Thomas Jacobs about the services of US Express Moving Systems Inc.

From medical coverage and savings plans, to college tuition costs 100% paid for by Variant, we’re always looking for innovative ways to support our drivers. I called these movers to come over the next day since my previous moving company cancelled my move the day before the move date. My rep was pretty mindful and got my quote and booking really quickly, everything from that point on ran perfectly. Some items got behind and were delivered on a separate vehicle but it was done the same day so it was not a problem. Ask Thomas Jacobs about the services of US Express Moving Systems Inc. Thomas Jacobs is a customer of the business and is willing to be used as a reference.

  • Great place to learn everything for a start with truck driving.
  • After about 100 yards the car put on his brakes for no apparent reason.
  • Xpress offers a diverse array of freight transport services, including dry van, refrigerated, car-hauling, and intermodal.
  • They were professional and efficient, but I was most impressed by the owner, that he was very hands on and worked right along with his crew.

Xpress’ military programs, including the Post 9/11 GI Bill® Apprenticeship Program and the Advanced Rate of Pay Program. I had ship luggage from NY to India and called Air India cargo #, they referred me to Mr. Gurvinder Singh as authorized person to handle personal cargo. I contacted him and he collected all my luggage on Dec 2009 from my home address, and also charged me money [check & credit card] and mentioned it will be delivered in about a week. Since then, I am constantly following up with him and he is just making excuses. It’s been about 3 months and I am still waiting. The money with running teams at the company is pretty good.

U S Xpress Is The Latest Trucking Company To Announce Major Overhauls In Training As A Truck Driver Shortage Grips America

Ya told him put me out the truck in the middle of nowhere. Not knowing where I was because I’m not from here. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We will make sure to share it with the team.

us express reviews

The next few days I repeatedly tried to get in touch with safety to let them know to check the truck and they would see that the ABS failed on the tractor. The Tractor was also scheduled to go to Volvo that coming weekend for some major repairs.

Didn’t Even Pay Me To Be Home For Christmas Enough Said?

I’ve paid half the money, my stuff is with them and no one has even bothered to give me a call to tell uss express reviews me where my stuff is. Been waiting 3 weeks and now i’m told that I’ve to wait another 1-2 weeks.

us express reviews

I get along with my fm and his boss just fine. My experience with my trainer was fantastic, he taught me evething I need to know to be out on my own. Pay during training is $100 a day, even when your in a hotel on the weekends, in my case with a regional dedicated account. Driver teams often spend as much as four weeks at a time out of the road. To compensate for the prolonged periods away from home, U.S. Xpress is offering four weeks of paid vacation a year under the TeamMax Bonus offer. Xpress could probably double its share of driver teams on the road if it could get enough drivers.

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