New Employee Hiring Checklist Template

checklist for hiring employees

Use a salary tool that calculates for job title and location to determine a salary range, along with a description of benefits. Share information about your interview process so candidates know what to expect each step of the way. While you may think the application process is a no-brainer, it warrants some individual focus. Research shows that if your application process is too lengthy, outdated or cumbersome, many job seekers will just stop and turn their sights elsewhere. Even with automation and AI, there are some hiring activities that warrant face time.

checklist for hiring employees

For example, if you have a separate policy about internet usage or sales commissions, include it with your new hire paperwork. New employee onboarding process getting new employees adjusted to new environment. Contact your IT team, facilities manager and accounting department to make sure the employee is set up in all relevant systems and has all of the required assets to enter the building. Successful new hire onboarding also leads to better job performance, increased efficiency and higher employee satisfaction — which contributes to higher engagement and employee retention rates. In other words, a comprehensive onboarding process is a win-win for everyone involved.

You may have a signed offer letter in hand before onboarding. The letter should clearly state the terms of the employment relationship such as at-will employment versus contract employee. Be sure to check for any required local and state tax forms where you do business. New employee paperwork has been around since the beginning of commerce and will continue until the end of time. A major part of onboarding a new employee will be the time they take to sign all their documents. An I-9 includes fields that must be completed by the employee and the employer. To comply with the legal requirements, the I-9 must be completed within three business days of the new employee’s start date.

Guide To Managing Human Resources

You may have more payroll requirements based on your business’s industry, location, and size. Check with your state CARES Act and local commerce departments to make sure you don’t miss any steps in your hiring and payroll processes.

It’s often best to hire employees up to a week before you need them to be productive on the job. That allows you to orient them to your business, train them on your software, bring them up to speed on your product or service approach and ensure they’re able to serve your customers. Here’s more on what to cover during that employee’s first week on the job.

checklist for hiring employees

Will you pay them weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly? If you decide to use payroll software, make sure to look for providers that let you run as many payrolls as you want per month, like Patriot Software. When deciding, think about whether they will be classified as exempt vs nonexempt employees from overtime wages. Another part of learning how to hire first employee is making sure you have a new hire reporting system account. You need to report new hires to your state’s new hire reporting program. As an employer, you will need several account numbers, registrations, and insurance policies.

Make Payroll Decisions

Then send Copy A of the W-2 forms to the Social Security Administration by the last day of February. You can learn more about W-2 and how it’s different from 1099-MISC here. Once HR and the hiring supervisor agree on a candidate, make an offer with the concurrence of the supervisor’s manager. Talk informally with the candidate about their interest in the job at the offered salary and conditions. Hopefully, you’ve developed a pool of candidates through your recruiting efforts. Whether you have created a candidate pool in advance of the job opening or are searching for an employee from scratch, a qualified pool of candidates is crucial. Each interviewer should have a role in the interview process.

checklist for hiring employees

You also need to sign up for an unemployment insurance account through your state department. Your state unemployment tax account is needed to make SUTA tax payments. Every small business owner starts their employer journey by hiring their first employee. To get through the process, learn how to hire your first employee.

A strong performance management process with 360 performance reviews can help them feel more secure and happier in the long run. Performance management software can make it easier for you to keep employees motivated and engaged at peak performance. About a dozen states, such as Utah, Georgia, and South Carolina, require employers to use E-Verify. Read our article on new employee forms to ensure you don’t miss any important documentation.

Although the set retaining periods are minimums, these records are critical, and you may want to keep them for longer periods. Employees who participate in a structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to stay with an organization for 3 years. How to ensure your employees are fully onboarded no matter where they’re working from. Review the methods online bookkeeping of sick and vacation notices and other department procedures with your hiring manager. Bring any completed forms that you were unable to complete prior to your first day. The employee you choose will have to be able to work with the rest of the team. For this reason, when interviewing your candidates, try to get a feel for their personalities.

The Department of Labor requires that employers post certain notices in their workplace to inform employees of their rights and your responsibilities as an employer. Some states have workplace poster requirements that you must follow in addition to the federal requirements.

In the United States, there are two documents that nearly every new employee will need to complete before they begin working. In addition to these documents, most new employees will also complete a direct deposit form so that their paychecks can be properly routed. Follow up with an offer letter noting a “respond to offer” date, hire date, compensation and any preconditions to employment.

The New Hire Checklist helps to ensure that nothing is overlooked when bringing on a new employee. Eddy is the all-in-one HR Suite built to help local businesses easily manage their people, payroll, and HR processes. The remaining states allow the federal W-4 form to be used as the State W-4. For information on how to pay your domestic employees the right way, download The Complete Guide to Household Payroll. Conduct reference and relevant background checks to assess the candidate’s integrity. If you’re working with a placement agency, contact the agency to determine if additional actions need to be completed prior to a hiring decision.

Consider Pay + Benefits = Total Compensation

Remove anything that’s not relevant to your restaurant or business and make adjustments where necessary to make it even more applicable to the way you do business. Save a copy of that in case your onboarding process evolves, and make a copy of it each time a new hire starts. As a leader, there’s a lot you can do to make the onboarding experience pleasant and relatively seamless. Proper onboarding can assimilate new hires to your workplace more quickly and likely make them a productive member of the team sooner. Ideally, employee onboarding will last a year with critical milestones placed along the way to ensure they’re set up for success.

For example, it might include a bit about your company culture, showcase the benefits you offer or include a hiring bonus. Here’s an article on how to write a job ad for hiring employees. Employers are required to ask all new employees whether they have court-ordered medical support or dependent insurance obligations that must be withheld from income, and the terms of any court order.

  • You can post a sign at your business to attract walk-in applicants, but the most common means of finding qualified job candidates is to use an online job board for hiring employees.
  • You can ask existing employees to post online reviews showcasing your business as a great place to work.
  • Even if you are a sole proprietor looking to hire your first staff position, you may want to have someone else sit in on the interviews for added feedback.
  • Aside from financial impact, a bad hire can also affect some areas of your business.
  • This letter is usually filled in and signed by the job applicant, and sent back to the employer or business owner.

A new hire checklist is a list of items an HR manager should complete right after a new employee is hired. They can begin crossing items off the list once the employee accepts the position. As they accomplish more tasks, they can continue marking the items as the new employee continues to onboard and settle into the workplace lifestyle. A thorough onboarding process helps new hires acclimate to their role and team, better understand the expectations of the job and sets them up for success. Take your time to find the person most likely to be successful in the job based on the candidate’s resume, interviews, and employment references.

California Employment Law Report

If you are hiring your first employee, you must file documents with and pay taxes to various government agencies. If you run a larger business, you might think about running interview panels where each interviewer is asked to focus on a specific area during the interview. In that situation, one person might focus on teamwork, while another looks for technical skills.

New Hire Forms

They say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes but we’ll happily throw a third guarantee into the mix. New employee paperwork happens like clockwork, no matter where you’re hired.

Applicant Tracking Zoho Recruit Zoho Recruit combines a robust feature set with an intuitive user interface and affordable pricing to speed up and simplify the recruitment process. Learn how to make better hiring decisions when filling this important position. Would you know who to call if one of your employees is badly injured? Every restaurateur should keep this important document in the employee’s file. This form is downloaded as a Microsoft Word Document (.docx) file and can be easily modified to reflect your specific orientation steps.

It’s your responsibility to make sure all your employees are legally allowed to work in the U.S. If you hire someone who doesn’t have the right employment eligibility, you could face fines, and even criminal penalties. Next, think about what responsibilities you’d like the person in this position to take on in the future.

Here are some tips to creating a consistent onboarding experience – both for yourself and your new hires. If you’re paying employees by direct deposit , you’ll need to gather your employees’ bank account information so you know where to send their paychecks. For example, the minimum fine for a technical checklist for hiring employees violation is $234 per individual. Scrutinise CVs and cover letters, to narrow down the job applicants. Having a robust worker’s compensation policy can protect you from many work-related lawsuits, including those related to injuries and illnesses sustained as a result of an individual’s employment.

Onboarding new employees brings many challenges, especially after 2020. We have created the ultimate new employee onboarding checklist to keep you in check for 2021. Mike is guided by his deeply-held beliefs in connection, curiosity, humour, empathy, and honesty. In addition to his passion for workplace culture and growth, he is an avid skier, mountain biker, and sci-fi fan. A key part of orientation and onboarding is to set the new team member up with the tools, training, and resources they’ll need to be successful.

In a tight labor market, a positive candidate experience can mean the difference between winning and losing talent. You’ll want to provide this handbook to employees upfront and have them sign off that they’ve received and reviewed the handbook with an acknowledgment form.

Be aware that there are complex legal requirements and restrictions on background checks, many of which vary by state. To comply with all of these requirements, businesses usually use a third-party agency to conduct background checks. Once you’ve done this legwork, you’re ready to write a job description. A clear, thoughtful job description helps you hire the right person.

You should try to have at least a couple of employees interview the candidates, if possible. Each person who works at your business will approach the interview with different goals, giving you a more balanced assessment. However, because people tend to associate with others like them, relying on staff referrals can make for a less diverse workplace. Having a more diverse workforce is better for your business.

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