Overview of two 5GHz USB 3.0 WIFI…

What a disappointment it was when I saw that there was no network. The story of the wireless connection of a stationary computer is not new and has been going on since last summer, when during the repair I equipped a workplace on the balcony, and the twisted pair from the balcony was already used for the ip camera. As it turned out, a metal-plastic door with glass and coating on it rather badly mows down the speed and signal strength.

Dual-band 600Mbps USB wifi adapter AC600 2.4GHz 5GHz WiFi with PC Antenna Mini Computer Network Card Receiver 802.11b/n/g/ac link

It can be difficult to concentrate with a child, and I went back to the balcony, where there was already a habitable space and a warm floor (the controller of which was also bought in China and a review is planned).
So. But, fortunately, it was temporary, I moved back to the apartment and forgot about https://tonaton.co.tz/s_25-shirts it until the moment when the almighty virus forced most of the population to stay at home and work remotely. Appearance: So I bought a 5GHz 3.0 wifi network card, which I want to talk about.
The workplace turned out to be remote from the router by two walls with openings under the door and a distance https://jiji.co.tz/299-mannequins/body of about 7 meters in a straight line. But the 2.4GHz and n range did not give normal speed and neighboring points on the balcony clogged the entire airwaves. Rather, it is somewhere for a second and then
falls off. The network card came in an ordinary yellow package with a disconnected antenna and a minidisk with drivers for some Windows and MacOS operating systems. But the second whistle still ordered. A computer and a usb wifi whistle with n band and lousy speed were temporarily installed here. He took out his old 2.4GHz supplies and continued to work at the very least. I opened a dispute, returned the money and felt sad, because it was https://tonaton.ug/s_12-air-filters a long time to order a second whistle and wait another month. And so endlessly. Not like this, but cheaper and on a different chip. The disk was successfully planted somewhere, the Internet — a couple of clicks in Google and the drivers with the Realtek utility were installed.

Overview of two 5GHz USB 3.0 WIFI network cards and comparing them with 2.4GHz or other self-isolation delights

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